Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Long time since...

I am so sorry for not posting for so long, but I have just been busy.
Started school in Germany again and trying to fit in.
It is a hard thing fitting back in because it will never feel like it felt before being here.
I do see things differently now and at times I am more than happy to be back but on other days I just wanna go back.
It is great to know who is your real friend now and who is simply not. It is hard to get used to it but it is how it is. Nobody needs a fake friend.
I just felt like posting what I wrote on a day I just wanted to go back to the US and continue where I left at, but it isn't possible and actually I think I am doing good with the change back to Germany :)
It is a constant up and down which probably only peeps that went abroad understand.
So if you're not an exchange student don't get scared. Everyone is moody at times - so this is from one of my moody days ;)

Being an exchange student is awesome. It opens up a whole new world to you; not only a new world but a new life including family, friends, home, all the stuff you have right now. You’ll experience new things, exciting things. Make memories that last forever. 
As awesome as it sounds, it does have a bad side. It is hard. Now you might think it is hard, because you leave your life behind to start a new one, but this is not what I am talking about. Of course it is hard to start from nothing and YES you will get homesick. But the hardest part is being back at the place you used to be. 
Being back and realising how things have changed. It comes in waves. At times it is better at times it is like a hurricane and it just hits you. You will miss everything. Even all the bad memories you made. I can’t tell how it might be for you. But for me it is hard, because time after time you realise how good it was to just be gone. How many good friends you made that text you about everyday. But then there is the life you left. People have moved on. They got used to you being gone. You might even be in a new grade. Meet new people which is fun, but they don’t know you. You will start talking to your old friends and realise how bad of a friend you have been the last year, but most importantly know who is your real friend and who isn’t.

It is hard and it might not sound as bad as it is, but not knowing when you get back to the place you call home now and knowing that it won’t be the same is horrible. Although this might be very negative right now, I am glad I got to do my exchange year. It has been awesome and I would do it again. I got a second home, second family, second set of best friends which I miss. Being home is awesome though, too. It just reminds you of how wonderful life is and knowing who is your friend and who cares. I always say how much I miss the US and never how glad I am to be back. I don’t know why, but I am sorry for being this way. 

I will try to post more as time goes on but as I said life keeps me pretty busy

-Sabine xxx

Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's getting real..

Sooo I am flying back on Tuesday... It's unbelievable..
Since Thursday (the 4th) I am on summerbreak since I didn't have to take a single exam. Officially I am out since Tuesday.
Yeah .. What can I say.. The last school day was kinda weird because you get excited for summerbreak but then I was the person that was sad because it was my last day at AHS as a student. Since school is out I did a lot of stuff with my friends. On Friday I started packing Saturday and Sunday I don't remember what I did. Tuesday I went out for lunch, then the pool and finally well not finally but Alicia's birthday/ goodbye party was that night. So for the people that don't know who Alicia is: she's an awesome person. Also from Germany and lived just down the street. We spent this year together kind of. We about never talked German and got good friends. Her parents came as a surprise on Wednesday (a day earlier than they were supposed to). We (all the people that were invited to the party) stayed at her house overnight. We celebrated into her birthday. Thursday morning I got to meet her parents for 10 min and it is kinda weird how her dad sounds exactly like mine .. ;). After that I hung out with friends and Friday I went to Jump - a trampoline park, out for dinner, and just drove around with Ana, my best friend, and her brother Dito. Oh .. Now I remember Sunday! On Sunday I went to Ana's church and we decided to go to the lake after we had lunch and do a bonfire at night. So Sunday was a fun day with Ana, Melanie, Dito and another guy. Today I went on a hike/ walk with the three dogs my host sister Emily, her fiancé, and my host dad. Right now I am on my way home from Richmond. My American cousin graduated from high school today.
Oh I also went to my high schools graduation because my host sister Hannah graduated and my last show choir performance was there.
I have so much to catch up with.. I'm so sorry that I didn't blog for so long!! I was so busy!!!!
I did a presentation about studying abroad as my final project in English. As soon as she posts it online I'll share it with y'all on here :)
I don't really know what else happened.
I will write another post either when I am in Germany or if I have time on Monday, then Monday.
Till then!!
-Sabine xxx

Friday, May 22, 2015


SOOOOOOOOOOOO last Sunday was my reentry orientation. We had a lot of fun and talked about a lot of stuff like Don't talk about your Exchange year every single conversation that you have because People are getting tired of it. Also that we have changed more than we think, but also our friends have changed. What to do to say goodbye. Thank you Cards and stuff, but also what to pack and what to leave. Such as a lot more... I don't really remeber it anymore.. sorry
It was the last time I saw Juraj and I am not happy about it. He had a larger Impact on me than he thinks he did. I also took Alicia again to it and yeah ... we had fun

Wednesday was the Spring Show. Show Choir's theme was: Women in Pop. We sang Lips are moving, Boom Clap, and Shake it off. It was a lot of fun and our last concert. It makes me sad although we did very well! It is now about over.

3 weeks are left of my Exchange year and it is harder than I thought it would be getting to the end. The Senior are out of School now. I had to say bye to Melanie. She surprisingly gave me a gift. I really didn't expect it at all. I really don't want to leave and already miss having the Seniors at School. It all just sucks now.

 Next week I have to Projects to present, and graduation is on Saturday which is also my last Show Choir performace.

I am getting really stressed about leaving and also my final Projects. I am sorry that I can't blog anymore than that right now.

Friday, May 15, 2015

36. Mixed feelings ...

Today is the last day that seniors go to school and I have a couple of Senior
Knowing that I might never see them again is breaking my heart.
I know that I will see most of them at least one more time, but still it is hard and I can not describe it in any words how it feels to have to say goodbye to people that made your Year amazing! Better than expected!
I came here not knowing anyone and kind of speaking english.. I got the experience of american summer break.. They talked to me and told me that my English is great. They invited me to parties and just to hang out. They let me be part of their youth group and we became friends. Some better than others but in the end every single one had an impact on my exchange year. I have to thank them all for cheering me up on days I didn't feel well but also spending time with me when I am totally hyper and obnoxious! Also building a friendship on a base that is in a couple months we are miles apart is a base that is totally NOT normal at all. But hey thank you for being friend, welcoming me to your community, talking to me during class, such as hanging out outside of school!

I have a month left filled with laughter and tears, ups and downs, hellos and goodbyes, a lot of fun and experience. I am scared of leaving all this behind, because I build it up in less than a year and build a new comfort zone. I know that I will be back in September, but it for sure won't be the same.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard. 
Winnie the Pooh
This quote describes it best.
I am surely gonna cry a lot because it means I did it! A year abroad without my parents in a strange country. But I have to leave it behind and life moves on.

So I am ending this post right here. With tears in my face and huge THANK YOU to all Seniors! 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

35. Camping trip

So I this Weekend I went on a Camping trip with a bunch of Exchange Student that are with EF in the Richmond area.
I took Alicia with me although she isn't EF, because she is awesome. So we left friday after School drove to the Bear Creek State Park and were the first there, waited for everyone else to arrive, our Hosts to leave and set up our tents. Then since Seraina forgot the cooler with the hot Dogs in it (THANKS GIRL) We had to make peanutbutter and jelly Sandwiches and it was actually fun making those. we also had to set up the tents and stuff.. We hung out around the campfire once it got started until midnight and went to bed.
Saturday we got up at around 9 am and did archery went to  the lake and did some more fun stuff .. we also Had s'mores at night and some old Virginian Music. We had A TON OF FUN!
Soo future exchangers if your coordinator does something like that - JOIN IT!!
Sunday we did geocaching in the morning and packed everything up.
I am really really tired now but well who cares ..
I will have another EF Meeting before I leave, but I don't know yet if I will be able to join it. We basically talked about what it's about already. 
I will probably make another post about it .. and yeahh .. that's it for now ...

Monday, April 20, 2015

34. I'll be on my first flight home ..

I just found out my flight informations and I'm not sure if I'm happy about that..
Partly I am glad but partly I'm sad .. 
This year has been great and unforgettable so far but I know that the memories will last forever and new ones will be made until the day I leave of even after I left. 

33. Prom!

On Saturday I had prom finally ☺️
So Friday evening we got our nails done and Saturday morning our hair cut. 
Around 2pm we went to Alicia's/Amy's house and around 3:30 Till 4 we started to get ready. 
We had dinner around 6 and got dressed to take pictures. We left the house around 8 and it took as until 8:30 to get info the double tree hotel by Hilton although it's 10 min from the house. 
So prom is basically like homecoming .. Everyone dances like at party's but wears formal dresses. In comparison to homecoming prom dresses are long. It also went until midnight. All in all I had a good time. Afterwards we went back to Alicia's and Amy's and I spent the night there. 
It was a great night and totally an experience!!